About Bahran INT'L

About Bahran INT'L

About Us: It gives us immense pleasure to introduce our Company and the products that we market in the territory of Sultante of Oman.

Our company was established in 2008 and deals in all aspects of Elevator Business. With a very experienced team working with us, we can safely say we are not new in this field and as the quality of the company is really a quality of its employees. We can assure our customers of prompt and reliable service done in a very professional manner.
We market products manufactured by Germany, one of the most reputable elevator companies in Germany with over 40 years experience in this field making quality products at reasonable price and the fact that they supply many components to the well known elevator companies in Europe is a testimony to their high standard of quality. All our lifts are manufactured and tested according to EN – 81 (European code) norms.
We offer all types of Traction and Hydraulic lifts which include Residential, Hospital, Panoramic, Car, Dumbwaiter, and Freight Elevators. We also offer Escalators and Moving Walks (Conveyors). All our lifts are based on modern Microprocessor Control Technology, and they are all equipped with Emergency Landing Device package which is strongly recommended by Civil Defense Authorities. All our elevators are designed to withstand the high summer temperatures and humidity prevailing in the Gulf countries.

Safety Elevators offers Emergency Call Back Service.

We are proud to announce that to date we have installed and maintain more than 600 units all around Sultante of Oman.
We end this brief introduction of our company and sincerely hope you would give us an opportunity to quote our products on your various projects. 


Included different kinds of motor gear box, kinds of  worm wheel  and worm shaft, Governor, kinds of progressive safety gears, traction sheaves and pulley in various sizes, ductile  rope attachment, kinds of Hall and Car buttons, magnetic sensors, door retiring cam, swing doors, semi and full -automatic doors, polyurethane buffer, kinds of rubber components and many other accessories for elevator .


This company has a great role in importing elevator packages,escalators,different kinds of motor gear box, rail, semi and full  automatic door and different drives produced by the most esteemed European manufacturers such as Gem, Schindler, Alberto Sassi, Sicor, wittur, Marrazi, Montanari, Fermator,... Meanwhile  this company is  importer of different kinds of cargo lifts, complete package of passenger lifts and hydraulic lifts  in various capacities from well known European manufacturers.


Guarantee and support:

This company provides all produced and  imported components and motor gear boxes with a one year guarantee and secure their reliable performance through after sale service for 10 years.

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