CANNY Auto walk

CANNY Auto walk

As one of the largest domestic escalator and auto-walk production bases with the independent intellectual property rights, Canny comprehensively elevates the product design by the harmonious transport concept. This company guides a new trend in the escalator manufacture by the concise and popular model.


1. The guard-rail is pre-installed with the host mechanical system. The compact design of the handrail drive system reduces the escalator size and more effectively utilizes the building space.

2.The utilization of the new drive technology and the intellectual control system makes it more energy-saving and environmental protection for the escalator running. The optional automatic stopping and running mode is more energy-saving because of the reduction of the running period. The selective intellectual variable frequency technology (VVVF) and ECO techndagy usually saves 60% of the energy in the  occasion of the scarce flow of people.

3.Its superior performance design,the firm and integrated spares and parts can more flexibly conform with the bilateral needs from both the commercial and public traffic and transportation.

4.The design of the guide-rail with guiding shoulder controls the movability of the step chain and avoids the friction amid the step, skirt panel and the comb. It brings the greater convenience to the installation, debugging, repair and maintenance. It lifts up the running effects.