By the grace of God and with the efforts of managers,engineers and staffs of behran lift co.in order to promote our country-iran in this field ,this productive group by enjoying long experience and achieving technical knowledge of the world,is proud to introduce itself as the first successful lift motor gear box designer and manufacturer in the country which are undoubtedly the most important parts in the elevator industry.



Now we explain proudly a brief description of this achievement to inform the cooperators.In regard to the abundant experience of our experts and by enjoying the most modern CNC machines and modern production methods, and also the full knowledge of the weaknesses of similar European products used in our country and the needs of our consumers,are intended as the basis for overcoming the weaknesses in the design and manufacture of this product.So the end product has high quality in design and production and are compatible with the geography of Iran.


Technical Data


Distance between slow and  fast shafs 140 mm
Max Static Load 3.100 Kg (with out External support))
Max output tarque 83/38
Motor Current In(13A,9A),La(48A,12A)
Max Motor Power 5.5Kwasy(AC2)
Motor Type BL 5004
ED% 40
Max Motor Start Per Hour 180
Motor Poles Qty 4/16


Speed Table


Load(Kg) Max Speed(m/s) Max Static Load Sheave diameter(mm) Rope diameter(mm) Rope Box Ratio  Gear Box Ratio
450 1.00 2500 560 10 4 1/43